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Meet Scrum Day Host: Rebel Scrum

Rebel Scrum is the host of Madison's Scrum Day conference, scheduled for this Thursday. Rebel Scrum is a Madison-based company dedicated to helping companies deliver value sooner by providing practical, informative and engaging Scrum training.

Mary Iqbal, founder of Rebel Scrum, is a Professional Scrum Trainer. Mary has taught thousands of software professionals and is an experienced Agile Transformation Manager. Mary provides training for groups as well as consulting for teams seeking to launch new Agile teams.

Mary has experience helping organizations to scale Agile across multiple teams by defining products and helping teams to self-organize into structures that work best for them.

49% of teams struggle with dependencies

Rebel Scrum can help your company define your products to remove dependencies and align your organization around value delivery. According to the 16th Annual “State of Agile” report from, 49% of companies that have embraced Agile are grappling with issues stemming from isolated delivery teams and obscured dependencies.

This predicament arises from a misconception. Many organizations have adopted Agile frameworks like Scrum but have not changed their focus to product delivery. Successful Agile teams must possess cross-functional abilities, encompassing all skills required for delivering functional products. Unfortunately, many companies have transitioned to Agile without first defining the products their teams will handle. This oversight leads to intricate dependencies, undermining collaborative efforts and value delivery.

Rebel Scrum can work with your organization to facilitate a workshop to help you define products and provide coaching and training to help you re-launch your Agile teams with a focus on value delivery. Contact Rebel Scrum today to get started.

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