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Deliver Products with Value

Updated: 4 days ago

Deliver Products with Value

The number one reason organizations adopt Agile is to deliver value sooner (State of Agile Report, Digital AI). Yet, many organizations focus on everything except value.

They concentrate on the number of tickets closed, team member utilization, velocity, deadlines, feature count, percentage complete, attendance, resource allocation, and more. But they lose sight of value. Value can be harder to measure than the number of tickets closed, but it's infinitely more important.

This year's Scrum Day conference theme is "Deliver Products with Value" because it doesn’t matter how many tickets the team closes if they aren’t delivering the right thing.

We're bringing best experts from around the world to Madison to help you focus on value delivery. Throughout the day, attendees can choose from various breakout sessions, including:

  • Product Should Be Front and Center in Scrum: With Gunther Verheyen, author of "Scrum – A Pocket Guide” and “97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know”

  • Don't Build Products in the Dark: With Mary Iqbal, author of "Illustrated Scrum Myths" (Book launch date to be announced in 2024)

  • Guardrails for Self-Management: With Michelle Brud, Agile Transformation Manager for WPS Health Solutions, exploring best practices for effective self-management within Scrum teams

  • Incremental Delivery: With Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, sharing insights and best practices for delivering products incrementally to ensure continuous value delivery and early feedback

Scrum Day is scheduled for October 23, 2024, in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. Together, let's redefine success by delivering products with true value.

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