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David Pereira, Product Leader and Speaker at 2023 Scrum Day conference

David Pereira, Product Leader

Scrum Day is pleased to welcome David Pereira as a speaker at this year's conference. David Pereira is an experienced Product Leader and CEO of omoqo GmbH, dedicated to innovating the maritime industry. With a passion for helping product teams excel, David shares insights through articles, webinars, podcasts, and videos, empowering professionals worldwide in Agile, Product Management, Startup, and Leadership.

Learning from Other Practitioners

Scrum Day brings together a diverse community of Scrum practitioners, ranging from seasoned experts to those taking their first steps on their Agile journey. David looks forward to engaging in conversations, attending thought-provoking sessions, and participating in insightful workshops. By actively seeking knowledge and learning from the experiences of others, David gains fresh perspectives and practical strategies that he can share with the teams he coaches. The exchange of ideas and experiences during Scrum Day fuels his personal growth and enriches his ability to guide teams towards success.

Inspiring People to Grow with Scrum

David is passionate about inspiring others to embrace Scrum and witness its transformative power firsthand. Scrum Day provides a unique platform for him to connect with individuals who may be new to Scrum or seeking to deepen their understanding of its principles. Through his interactions, David aims to ignite a spark of curiosity and enthusiasm, encouraging attendees to explore Scrum's potential and its impact on their professional journeys. By sharing his own experiences and insights, he aspires to empower practitioners to apply Scrum effectively and unlock their teams' full potential.

In addition to formal sessions, David relishes the informal networking opportunities at Scrum Day. Engaging in conversations with fellow practitioners, exchanging success stories and challenges faced, he finds inspiration in the shared passion for Scrum. By building connections and fostering a community spirit, David aims to create an environment where practitioners can support and learn from each other long after the event concludes.

What Are You Looking Forward to About Scrum Day?

As an ardent practitioner and advocate of Scrum, David anticipates the opportunity to participate in this gathering of like-minded individuals. Scrum Day provides a unique platform for learning from other practitioners and inspiring people to grow with Scrum.

The opportunity to engage with fellow practitioners, learn from their experiences, and share his own insights fills him with anticipation. By immersing himself in the Scrum Day experience, David strives to deepen his knowledge, gain fresh perspectives, and inspire others to embrace Scrum's potential. With a shared passion for Scrum, Scrum Day becomes a catalyst for growth, collaboration, and continuous improvement, making it an event that David eagerly looks forward to.

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