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David Pereira

Product Leader and CEO of omoqo GmbH


David Pereira is a seasoned Product Leader with a passion for driving success. With over a decade of experience in product management, David has led numerous teams to achieve their goals. His motto, "the faster we learn, the faster we succeed," reflects his fear of complacency and his belief in continuous learning.

David's primary focus in recent years has been coaching teams to deliver exceptional value to customers. Alongside his work as a Product Leader, he enjoys writing articles, sharing ideas on Substack, and actively seeking knowledge from others.

David's mission is to simplify and empower product teams, helping companies stand out through effective product management. With experience spanning various sectors and countries, he brings a unique perspective to his work.

Currently serving as the CEO of omoqo GmbH, David is dedicated to innovating the maritime industry by fostering an environment conducive to generating great ideas.

Highlights of David's Journey:

  • Top writer on product management and agile: David has published over 200 articles with millions of reads worldwide, providing invaluable insights for professionals seeking to create value efficiently.

  • Co-Author of the Agile Product Manifesto: David has contributed to a set of principles that have improved the practices of product teams globally.

  • Guiding agency transformation: David successfully led a team through a transformative journey, prioritizing outcomes over outputs and satisfying customers, resulting in a rewarding experience.

  • Innovating the secondhand car market in Brazil: As the Product Owner responsible for three Scrum Teams, David disrupted the market and achieved significant revenue.

  • Exponential marketplace growth: David played a pivotal role in scaling a business from 500,000 € to 45 million € in annual revenue.

David will be presenting in the following sessions at Scrum Day:


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