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Michelle Brud

Enterprise Agile Coach


Michelle is an outstanding Agile Coach with experience leading Agile implementations.  Michelle has guided Agile implementations for diverse teams including Operational teams, Marketing teams, Technology teams (Cobal, .Net, Java) and more.  Michelle’s practical approach meets teams where they are at and takes incremental steps to focus on continuous improvement.  It’s not where you are… it’s where you are going that matters.   

Michelle is a true expert and also an empathetic coach who helps teams figure out what works best in their environment.  From Product Definition to self-organization and beyond, Michelle has been working in the technology space for over 20 years and has 15 years of experience with Agile teams.  

Michelle has held every position on a Scrum team from Product Owner, Scrum Master to Developer and has also been a leader supporting Agile teams.  Michelle’s 360 degrees of experience enable her to see all sides of a problem to help teams find the best path forward.


Michelle is currently an Enterprise Agile Coach for WPS Health Solutions, the leading health benefits provider in the state of Wisconsin.


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