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Liberating Structures

Morning Keynote
This isn't your same old keynote.  

Prepare to embark on an immersive journey during the morning keynote, orchestrated by none other than Darin Harris, master facilitator and co-founder of Living Giving Enterprises. Unlike traditional passive speeches, this experience is a dynamic series of activities designed to vividly demonstrate the potency of relinquishing control to those engaged in the work—in this case, you, the eager participants of this conference.

Imagine being a part of a session that goes beyond the mundane boundaries of presentations. Instead, be prepared to have your expectations stirred, norms challenged, and creativity set free. This interactive approach aims to unleash not only your creative adaptability but also the latent potential for groundbreaking discoveries that can arise when we relinquish traditional modes of control.

Guiding this transformative experience is Darin Harris, a master facilitator renowned for his adept utilization of liberating structures. With an extensive background in leveraging these innovative techniques, Darin is skilled at fostering improved team dynamics and amplifying communication to unprecedented levels.

This "not-a-keynote" keynote defies conventions. It transcends the notion of passive listening and replaces it with active engagement. Through the employment of liberating structures, this session offers a unique insight into the transformative power of collaboration. Witness firsthand how these unconventional methodologies can reshape the way your team collaborates, unlocking a new realm of effectiveness and efficiency.

Emerge from this experience not only inspired but also equipped with a toolkit of strategies to harness your team's untapped potential. It's not just an opportunity to listen; it's a chance to actively participate, explore, and revolutionize the very fabric of your work and communication practices.

Seize this extraordinary occasion to be part of a mind-expanding journey. Let Darin Harris guide you through an interactive exploration that promises to leave you invigorated, empowered, and ready to revolutionize the way you approach teamwork and communication.


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