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Comic Agilé Workshop
Storytell your agile pains through comic strips

Join us at the Scrum Day conference on October 23, 2024, in Madison, Wisconsin, for an engaging two-hour workshop that will revolutionize how you tackle agile pains within your organization. In this dynamic session, titled "Storytell your agile pains through comic strips," participants will delve into the realm of agile antipatterns, those pesky obstacles that hinder progress in agile adoption. Led by seasoned experts, attendees will explore how to identify, articulate, and ultimately eradicate these impediments through the innovative lens of Comic Agilé.

The workshop begins with a lively introduction to the theory behind agile pains, blending insightful analysis with the instructor's humorous anecdotes depicted in Comic Agilé strips. Participants will then collaborate in groups, dissecting real-life agile challenges and transforming them into witty four-panel comic strips.


Through spirited discussion and sparring sessions with the instructor and fellow attendees, participants will uncover the root causes of their agile pains and strategize on effective solutions. By the workshop's conclusion, each group will depart with their own Comic Agilé masterpiece, ready to inspire change and drive organizational improvement.


This workshop is essential for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Release Train Engineers, Agile People Leads, and anyone committed to overcoming systemic impediments in an agile environment. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to agile problem-solving and leave equipped to make a lasting impact within your organization.


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