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Luxshan Ratnaravi

Writer and Agile Consultant, Comic Agilé


Luxshan Ratnaravi holds an M.Sc. in Software Engineering and is an independent Agile Coach. His mission is to help more people use humor to actively address what happens when the good intentions of agile meet the harsh reality of organizational contexts--and make it work.

Through his world-famous comic strip, Comic Agilé, Luxshan depicts relatable agile antipatterns. Through his talks, workshops, courses, and consultancy, he teaches others to be world-class Agile Coaches by using humor actively to articulate pains and improve their organizations. 

Having held jobs as a Sales Engineer, IT Business Analyst, Product Owner, Release Train Engineer, and Agile Coach for the last 13 years, Luxshan has a proven track record of helping organizations by balancing being pragmatic and idealistic based on what the context calls for. If there's something Luxshan tries to avoid being, it's yet another agile BS consultant.

Luxshan will be presenting in the following sessions at Scrum Day:

Video Interview with Comic Agilé writer and Scrum Day speaker Luxshan Ratnaravi:


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