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Product should be front and center in Scrum

Scrum has its roots in new product development theory. Scrum helps teams create, deliver and sustain complex products in complex, often turbulent circumstances.

Yet, ‘product’ is rarely front and center when organizations embark on their journey of adopting Scrum.
Although it should have been the starting point, it is never too late to adapt and re-imagine your Scrum around your product(s). This is a much-needed step as the purpose of Scrum is to help you shift from volume to value with product (defined broadly) being the vehicle to deliver value. 

Gunther Verheyen, independent Scrum Caretaker, will not only shed a light on this much overlooked starting point of most adoptions of Scrum but will also share how knowing your product will even help you re-organize around Scrum, re-design your organization around Scrum. These are essential steps to start moving your Scrum downfield.“


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