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ScrumMastered is coming to Scrum Day!

Daria Bagina -founder of ScrumMastered - will be attending Scrum Day Madison as an exhibitor

Scrum Day is pleased to welcome ScrumMastered and Daria Bagina as an exhibitor at Scrum Day! ScrumMastered offers a set of tools including The Scrum Master Start-up Guide - which includes a team health assessment, Scrum Master onboarding checklist and 1:1 meeting questions - as well as the new Product Owner guide - which includes tips on how to build a great Product Backlog.

Daria's mission for ScrumMastered is to help professionals and businesses build high-performing teams using Agile and Scrum practices.

Daria Bagina and ScrumMastered are attending Scrum Day as an exhibitor. Visit Daria and ScrumMastered at Scrum Day and learn more about how to improve your application of Scrum!

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