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Scrum Day Speaker Spotlight: Mary Iqbal

Updated: May 18, 2023

Founder, Rebel Scrum

Scrum Day USA welcomes Mary Iqbal, founder of Rebel Scrum and host and lead sponsor of this year’s Scrum Day conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Mary is passionate about helping organizations deliver value sooner through agile approaches. She is a Professional Scrum Trainer and has trained thousands of individuals to implement and maximize the framework.

Mary’s official backstory

Before starting Rebel Scrum, Mary was the agile transformation manager for Wisconsin’s leading health benefits provider. While there, she worked with agile coaches and divisional leaders to define products, empower Product Owners, and help teams self-organize. During her tenure, the organization exceeded a 500% increase in the amount of work Scrum Teams completed and realized significant improvements in customer satisfaction and employee morale as well as overall reductio in lead times for the teams which received coaching. She has worked with leading companies such as Stanford University to improve their Scrum adoption.

Success with Scrum

One of Mary’s favorite transformational Scrum experiences occurred at WPS Health Insurance. "WPS was tasked with processing every veteran healthcare claim in the United States, and we needed to launch the supporting platform within six months," she states. “We had to scale up significantly, register new healthcare providers with our system, and make substantial updates across multiple technology platforms.”

For Mary, the people working on the initiative made her experience at WPS remarkable. “We absolutely could not approach this complex business problem from the top down using a command-and-control approach.” Instead, they had to empower the Product Owners and the Scrum Teams to make the right decisions on how best to deliver value. “We gave them the training, space, and the transparency they needed while leadership focused on culture and removing impediments.” Using an agile approach for this initiative achieved a positive outcome. WPS delivered the integrated platform on time.

What Mary is looking forward to at Scrum Day USA

After months of planning Scrum Day, Mary says she understands the effort and preparation speakers undertake to share their expertise and knowledge at the event. "I'm looking forward to an energizing experience that pushes Scrum adoption to the next level for everyone," she says. "I’m blown away at the calibre and expertise of the roster of speakers we have assembled for this event. I know it's going to be transformational."

Scrum Day is coming to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, on September 14, 2023. Don’t miss hearing from Mary Iqbal and our other incredible speakers! Get your ticket to Scrum Day today while Special Pricing lasts.

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