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Beacon Hill Staffing Group is coming to Scrum Day!

Scrum Day is pleased to announce that the Beacon Hill Staffing Group is attending Scrum Day 2023.

Beacon Hill offers broad staffing, workforce extension, project consulting, and solutions backed by the experience of executives from global professional services organizations, staffing conglomerates, premier local boutiques, and large national firms. Beacon Hill has over 1200 staff members and was recognized as one of the top workplaces in the USA.

Built around teams of experts in staffing and solutions in each market, Beacon Hill is passionate about solving workforce challenges, big or small. Beacon Hill has the freedom to custom-build solutions for unique talent needs.

Beacon Hill is attending Scrum Day as an exhibitor. Visit Beacon Hill at Scrum Day and learn how to set your organization apart in a competitive job market.

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