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Hoover’s Inaugural Season
The Agile Transformation for the Hoover Institution of Stanford University

In Shared Services, the bustling operations hub of the Hoover Institution, we found ourselves grappling with an extensive project list with over 140 items. Each complex, involving multiple teams, and repeatedly relegated to the sidelines as day-to-day operations continued to take precedence over continuous improvement.

Based at Stanford University, Hoover is a renowned, public policy think tank that is currently on a significant growth trajectory. At the same time, we are a non-profit and challenged to maintain operational efficiency without increasing overhead. We needed to navigate these projects to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and eliminate redundant or unnecessary work. A feat seemingly insurmountable given our current playbook. Was the solution, we wondered, to be found in the agile methodology?

Our presentation details the play-by-play of our transformation, highlights include the tough plays, victorious moments, and occasional fumbles as we moved towards an agile approach.

The story we share is one of growth, adaptation, and constant learning. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of our agile implementation, discussing the technical aspects and the fundamental shifts in thinking and collaboration that paved our path towards a more agile future.


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