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Gordon Deng

Agile Portfolio Lead at Space CAMP,

United States Air Force


Gordon Deng is a seasoned leader with over two decades of experience in information system operations, management, and deployment. With a diverse background spanning various domains, including defense ventures, weather operations, and software development, Gordon brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He has actively contributed to cutting-edge initiatives such as the Defense Ventures Program, where he gained insights into venture capital and startup ecosystems, and the Airmen Coders program, where he honed his skills in web application development.


Over the past two years, Gordon has spearheaded the Agile Summit portfolio at Space CAMP, focusing on outreach, education, and cultural modernization in the Agile/Lean/DevSecOps domain. His leadership has led to significant improvements in team dynamics and productivity, as evidenced by resolving numerous product team pain points and adopting high-performing team characteristics. Through customized workshops, facilitated sessions, and targeted training programs, Gordon has successfully addressed unmet needs in software factory environments, driving a substantial increase in Agile Summit events.


With a solid foundation built over years of experience as an active-duty communications engineer, program manager, and IT specialist, Gordon has demonstrated his ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver impactful solutions. From architecting deployed communication systems to managing cradle-to-grave fielding of digital systems, Gordon's track record speaks volumes about his expertise and commitment to excellence. His contributions extend beyond technical domains, as he has also played a pivotal role in policy coordination, budget management, and fostering innovation within multinational frameworks such as NATO.


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