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Value. Period. 



Far too many Agile Transformations move forward without an empirical way to measure progress, value, and impact. It's great to know how many teams were launched and people trained, but has any of these efforts actually moved the needle towards better delivery and happier customers? Let's explore Evidence-Based Management as a way to know if the cost of your Agile Transformation is worth the true benefits realized in your organization.

Did you know that companies that are agile keep an eye on how things are going to limit risks and make sure they're delivering value? No? Then how can their leaders make smart choices about where to invest based on how much they'll get back and what's important to deliver to customers? Evidence-Based Management (EBM) helps leaders ensure they're measuring the right things and using that information to make data-driven decisions and reduce risks. Even better, EBM can help an organization be ready to take advantage of new opportunities before its competitors do. And it's not just about being quick to deliver, that's just one aspect we'll look at with the goal of driving real change in your organization.


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