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Value. Period. 



Following the long-time domination of industrial views on work and society, many organizations today (2023) are still obsessively focused on ‘volume.’ As a result, Scrum is only adopted to be able to produce more, faster.

But in a world where the presence and criticality of data, technology and software steadily keeps increasing, ‘volume’ and success are barely correlated.
The Agile paradigm offers ‘value’ as the alternative measure of success. But value is a very different driver than volume is. Next to the finding that the old, industrial paradigm seems to have deeper roots than hoped for and a considerable half-life time, the shift from volume to value is impeding many organizations from abandoning the old ways quickly, even when it is needed given the complex and creative nature of our work.

Gunther Verheyen, independent Scrum Caretaker, says that, if the ambition is to keep moving (your) Scrum downfield, we need to “ARM” for and become an “ARMADA” of Value. Without such clear ambition, optimizing for value is hardly possible, Scrum is hardly used effectively and hardening our organizations for the new futures is not achieved.


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