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Who’s On this Bus? 
A team first approach to building Agile teams

After the “Great Resignation” and in a post pandemic world with unique uncertainties around,  how can we build our teams for hybrid work models, economic headwinds, and create resilient teams to generate effective work?  There is not a one-size-fits all answer, but the approach we’ve taken for Electronics and Connectivity at Sub-Zero Group is focused on finding people that fit our team and culture first, shaping our work around their skills second, and training through the gaps to round out the approach.  Agile/Scrum has been a key part of that feedback loop, adjustments to our methods, tracking information from our dashboards, and working to ensure we have clear roles has informed how we grow and change.  We’ll walk through this journey, where we’ve succeeded, where we still fail, and what our team is hoping to accomplish next. 


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