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10 Reasons to go to Scrum Day Madison 

Scrum Day is a one-day conference scheduled for September 14, 2023, in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Alliant Energy Center.  Get your tickets today!

The one day that will rev up your Scrum practice

We're flying the best Agile experts from around the world to Madison.  Join us for a day of learning geared to remove barriers to success so you can deliver value sooner.


Whether you're a Product Owner, Developer, Scrum Master, or leader supporting a Scrum Team, attending Scrum Day will give you the insights and practical tools you need to level up your practice. 

scrum day conference

Inspirational Keynotes

Scrum Day features an incredible lineup of keynote speakers who are thought leaders and practitioners in the field of Scrum including Dave West, CEO of

Practical Workshops

The event offers hands-on workshops that provide participants with practical skills and tools they can immediately apply to improve their Scrum practices.

Expert Panels

Scrum Day hosts expert panels where attendees can ask questions and gain insights from experienced Scrum professionals. It's an excellent opportunity to get answers to specific challenges you're facing.

Meet Your Favorite Agile Authors

Meet your favorite Agile authors in person including the authors of "Fixing your Scrum", Professional Scrum Product Owner" and "Scrum - a Pocket Guide".

Career Development

Enhance your professional skills and boost your career prospects by attending Scrum Day. The knowledge gained can be a valuable asset in your career journey.

Liberating Structures

Attendees will learn how to facilitate more productive and inclusive meetings and discussions using Liberating Structures.

Networking Opportunities

Facilitated activities help attendees connect with Scrum enthusiasts and practitioners from their local community. Building relationships and sharing experiences with peers is a valuable aspect of Scrum Day.

Case Studies

Learn from real-world case studies and success stories. Discover how organizations have transformed their workflows and achieved remarkable results with Scrum.

Something for Everyone

Topics for Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and executives. Attendees are encouraged to explore sessions that interest them, breaking down traditional silos and fostering cross-functional learning.

Fun & Inspiration

Beyond the serious work, Scrum Day also offers a fun and inspiring atmosphere. The energy and enthusiasm of like-minded individuals can rejuvenate your passion for Scrum.


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