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Comic Agilé is coming to Scrum Day 2024!

Scrum Day is pleased to announce that Comic Agilé founder Luxshan Ratnaravi will speak at Scrum Day 2024. Join us for a two-hour workshop led by Comic Agilé where participants will learn how to channel their Agile growing pains into humorous comic strips designed to reveal misconceptions and channel humor for a higher purpose.

Storytell your agile pains through comic strips

Join us at the Scrum Day conference on October 23, 2024, in Madison, Wisconsin, for an engaging two-hour workshop that will revolutionize how you tackle agile pains within your organization. In this dynamic session, titled "Storytell your agile pains through comic strips," participants will delve into the realm of agile antipatterns, those pesky obstacles that hinder progress in agile adoption. Led by seasoned experts, attendees will explore how to identify, articulate, and ultimately eradicate these impediments through the innovative lens of Comic Agilé.

Watch Video Interview

Hear how it all started with Writer of Comic Agilé Luxshan Ratnaravi, and check out a few of his favorite comic strips along the way. Watch the video interview with Comic Agile.

Scrum Day is scheduled for October 23, 2024, in Madison, Wisconsin. Get your tickets today!

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