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Keith McCandless

 Co-Developer, Liberating Structures


"When you have this incredible obstacle that you think is going to stop you, you can always tap the creative adaptability of the group as long as you enter into it with real curiosity and with real desire to try to work through something." - Keith McCandless, co-developer of Liberating Structures.

Liberating Structures are a new way to organize conversation and tap the power of creative teams.  As co-developer of Liberating Structures, Keith has pioneered a new way to build consensus and improve engagement by unleashing the power of small to large groups of people through accessible, innovative meeting facilitation techniques. He is an expert in organization development, complexity science, business strategy, and graphic facilitation—all with an improvisational twist.

Scrum Day is thrilled to have a thought leader that is changing the way teams approach problem solving.  "There's only learning and no failure." - Keith McCandless, co-developer of Liberating Structures.

Keith will be presenting in the following sessions at Scrum Day:


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