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Eliana Stein 

Director of Design

Eliana Stein Red Bricks.png

Eliana Stein is a UX Designer and Strategist with a passion for harmonizing form and function, innovation and intuitiveness. With over a decade of experience in Agile environments, Eliana brings a pragmatic approach to product development and managing the delicate balance between user needs, scope, and timelines. 

Her design approach leverages data-driven insights whenever available and draws upon industry best practices and heuristics.  Whether collaborating with product managers at the whiteboard, refining typographic details alongside developers, or engaging in discussions with data scientists to understand algorithms, Eliana thrives on the interdisciplinary nature of her work.

Eliana currently serves as the Director of Design at Functionaire, a user experience design, research, and strategy consulting agency she co-founded in 2018. She is a dog person but a cat owner.

Customer Journey Mapping for Innovation


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