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Driving Sustained Change
Agile, Accountable, and Aligned 

This talk explores three essential components required to bring about long-lasting transformation in businesses. It starts by examining how agile approaches are being implemented, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a dynamic and outcome-focused approach to project delivery. This ensures that companies can respond quickly to developments and produce results effectively.

Second, the adoption of an IT product model with well-defined structures and accountability is covered. By promoting clear roles and accountability, this model enhances the efficiency and reliability of IT products and services. Finally, the presentation addresses incentive alignment, aiming to balance personal objectives with a broader commitment to team success. By aligning individual and group incentives, organizations can foster a more cohesive and motivated workforce, driving sustained change and continuous improvement. The role of AI is considered across these facets, highlighting how it can augment agility, enhance accountability, and refine incentive structures.

Darrell will touch on his experiences from the financial services industry, including his work at Fidelity and TIAA, providing insights without reviewing specific cases.


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