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I Can't Believe We're Doing This Again!
How to use NextGen CI to disrupt demotivating dysfunction

Are you motivated to build great products but find yourself stuck in a dysfunctional environment, that forces your team to repeat the same, mind-numbing mistakes over and over again? Is your team using process for the sake of process, with no clue about what they are building, why or for whom? Are you tired of busy-work, festering conflicts, low-accountability and activity-based thinking getting in the way of outcome-centric value delivery? Worried that all this dysfunction is going to tempt management to roll the dice and try replacing people with AI? Are you curios to learn about an approach to harness next generation CI (hint: its not the CI you think) to disrupt demotivating, dysfunctional patterns? If yes, join this session. We will explore 4 reasons Scrum Teams might get demotivated and offer a simple, practical approach to use a new kind of CI to unleash their inner awesomeness.


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