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Courtney Cerdena

Senior Manager, Agile Strategy and Delivery, The Hershey Company


Courtney is a forward-thinking and hands-on organizational agility leader with over 15 years of experience building exceptional teams who are customer-obsessed and can thrive in organizational change. She is a believer in transformation and is passionate about helping to coach and influence teams to deliver immediate value and exceed expectations.

Courtney specializes in the practical and real-world implementation of Agile methods with a focus on how to transform processes and people to achieve immediate improvement. She has a unique blend of technical, business, project management, and leadership skills that allow her to reach audiences of all levels and identify appropriate practices to employ in the organization to maximize efficiency and productivity.

One of Courtney’s favorite things is seeing those “Aha” moments when individuals, teams, and leaders begin to realize how much more potential they can unlock once they understand why work isn’t flowing the right way and keep an open mind to the cultural and personal change needed for success. She’s in love with seeing enterprise-level transformations succeed within technology teams and beyond. It all starts by strategizing with executives who have the vision, passion, and ‘courage’ to make real transformations happen!

Courtney will be presenting in the following sessions at Scrum Day:


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